Activism In The Age Of Terror (507)

Peabody Energy is a massive coal company that recently filed for bankruptcy, and during these proceedings has revealed the monumental degree to which this company was funding public deception and political lobbying around science denial regarding climate change. The question is, was this a lone wolf? A bad actor? Or the norm…

This weeks top eco-news:

In the middle of the program we take a bit of a break from the heavy news to chat with Toronto’s music station voice from CHUM FM for the last 40 years Ingrid Schumacher. Ingrid talks about her thoughts on how Toronto has grown up in the last 40 years, animal cruelty and her ability to use her giant microphone to talk about important issues of the day as a music programmer.

Finally Stefan and Daryn can’t NOT mention the horrific shooting over the weekend, Stefan was already writing a piece about activism in the age of global terror, and so we preview that with some comments about recent events at the end of the program.

This weeks music:

Weaves “One More” & Dan Mangan “Race To The Bottom”

What do you think?

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