Burn This Puppy Down! #brexit (508)

The breaking news today is of course the stunning #brexit vote in the UK meaning it will leave the EU, and this presents a very real possibility that the entire EU will break apart. Between Trump, Bernie Sanders, the brexit vote, the various “springs” around the world etc etc etc. One thing is certain, people are pissed and are lashing out whether or not this is a disaster, or the flames before a great rebirth we will simply have to wait and see but it is undeniable the entire world is going through some giant lurching changes right now. The team discusses the political and environmental implications of this vote and the possible repercussions all over the world.

In the middle of the show, we are joined by Cheryl McNamara who has been on the program before as part of the Citizen’s Climate Lobby. However today she joins us as a playwright having launched a children’s play about nature and our connection to it. The play leans heavily on the simple (and extremely verifiable) fact that we NEED nature much more than we seem to realize not just for practical reasons, or even just for education but our very mental health.

You can learn more about Water Wonders at the Toronto Fringe Festival here.

In the final section, the hosts discuss various news items including the fact that Beijing, China’s capital is sinking by as much as 11cm (4 inches) a year!

This weeks music:

Doug Hoyer “Get It Right” & Shad “Dreams”

What do you think?

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