Down goes Northern Gateway (509)

It’s Canada Day! So naturally the team takes the opportunity to highlight just a few reasons why we might want to keep our patriotism at least a little in check. Canada ranks 2nd on the Social Progress Index but we fall down on environmental protections. Our top story is the monumental reversal of the federal government’s approval of the Northern Gateway pipeline for it’s failure to consult with first nations on the proposal.

In the middle of the show, we are joined by David Grey-Donald, a journalist and Green Majority correspondent, who provides us with a deeper dive into the ongoing fight against environmental racism going on in Grassy Narrows. Including the increasing pressure to protect the community from mercury and the more recent revelations of the possible burying of mercury filled barrels in the area as well.

You can find more work from David Grey-Donald here.

In the final section, the hosts discuss various news items including the completion of our ongoing introspection of Canada’s last year and we cover a few international stories including the major crediting agency Moody’s calling for a rapid approval of the Paris climate deal.

This weeks music:

A Tribe Called Red ft. Buffy Saint-Marie “Working for the Government” & MAGT “Footprint”

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