About Us

The Green Majority Radio show is a volunteer project available due to the generosity and support of CIUT 89.5FM. The Green Majority brand represents a multi-platform news project that seeks to reintroduce our inherent and inescapable connection with the natural world into our daily discourse so that we might live more sustainable and happy lives.

Our main website is here.

What we do

The Green Majority began as a radio show on CIUT 89.5FM back in 2006 and today is still going strong. The show’s current director Daryn Caister began working with the show in 2007 and took over as host in 2009 when the show’s creator left to continue his education in the United States. As it stands today, the show is internationally syndicated and reaching more than 50,000 Canadians every week through the radio show and associated podcast.

Who we are

Daryn Caister began as the Green Majority’s newsreader, which then lead to him taking over as the host and director of the volunteer radio show. Kevin Farmer has been with the show since the second episode, under the original host Jordan Poppenk. Kevin is currently the show producer and has always been counted on for his insightful and razor sharp commentary. Stefan Hostetter joined the show in 2013 as one of the co-hosts. Stefan is also the Co-founder, along with his brother of the Green Society Campaign (GSC) which started in 2010 to help push environmentalism into mainstream consciousness through talks in high school classrooms, video production and sustainability focused events.

Check out Daryn’s bio, Stefan’s bio and our Contributors.


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