Meet Daryn

Daryn Caister – Director and Host

daryn_1Daryn is the owner of Green Majority Media (2013), as well as volunteer host and director of the Green Majority radio program on CIUT 89.5FM (2007). Daryn started his environmental career as a volunteer with a local radio program The Green Majority as a news reader for the weekly educational program in 2007. By 2009,  the original host left to finish his education in the US, and Daryn’s career as a volunteer radio host and producer began. Daryn has been directing the internationally syndicated radio show ever since, now reaching more than 50,000 Canadians on a weekly basis through the radio show and podcast.

In 2013, Daryn launched Green Majority Media producing regular environmental journalism far beyond just a volunteer radio show. With the help of his intrepid co-host, and audience favorite Kevin Farmer, and co-host and producer Stefan Hostetter they now produce weekly video news headlines and interviews for a Canadian as well as international audience on their YouTube channel.

Daryn’s has always been very much a generalist, which his education at the University of Toronto exemplified with a wide range of interests that ended up with him in a double major of Environmental Policy and Urban Studies, with a side (minor) of GIS.

daryn2He believes in empowering others to make the change they desire, and the absolute priority of global sustainability.  Daryn is by nature a generalist and has always been interested in a variety of topics, both within and outside of environmental issues. Some of which include astronomy, physics, complex systems and the study of human behavior. Within the environment, his favorite topics include alternative energy, transportation and the futuristic implications of the overlapping areas. Check out the work of Jacques Fresco from the Venus Project if you want to see what that looks like.

Have fun, hope for the best, and do what you can to help it along.

You can find out more about Daryn’s co-host Stefan here, and the rest of our contributors here.

Below is an interview with Daryn by Paul Dore.

More of Paul’s work can be found here.

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