Meet Stefan

Stefan Hostetter – Co-Host and Producer

13229210813_4893a55428_k1Stefan is the Co-founder of the Green Society Campaign (GSC) and co-host and producer of Green Majority Media.

Stefan started his environmental career at the University of Toronto and co-founded the Green Society Campaign (link) in 2010 with David Hostter. The full creation story includes mass amounts of caffeine and the last eight minutes of The Cove, but it is better told in person. The Green Society Campaign began as an avenue for any action which could bring sustainability into the mainstream culture. Over the years the GSC had the opportunity to talk to dozen’s of high school classrooms on topics of sustainability, created educational and event videos for environmental non-profits and charities and thrown a variety of fundraising events for great green groups across the city.

In 2013, Stefan teamed up with Daryn to begin producing regular environmental journalism beyond just the Green Majority radio program on CIUT 89.5. Green Majority Media now produces weekly video content and interviews for a Canadian as well as international audience on it’s YouTube channel.

In the years since graduating from U of T graduate for Environmental Studies and Philosophy. Stefan has drifted towards writing and community building, which have lead to some of the greatest adventures of his life.

In closing, as a blackboard once told me. Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

You can find out more about the shows host Daryn here, and the rest of our contributors here.

Below is an interview with Stefan by Paul Dore.

More of Paul’s work can be found here.

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