Pentagon Is Freaking Out – Aren’t You? (511)

We start the show this week with some Canadian news. Well, it’s actually only news to some people who haven’t been paying attention.

Also, some are upset that the Green Party is OK with pipelines as long as the oil is refined in Canada… This is actually not a new position, but it’s getting some new attention and the hosts discuss.

After the break, we discuss some international news mainly US elections and politics including the lip-fluttering nonsense in the Republican draft platform.

The top story this week depends on your perspective to some degree, but the one I urge you to read most is the title article about the Pentagon’s research and utilization of this research to anticipate and control social unrest. There are two main points to glean here, firstly WHY they are suddenly so concerned with this, and secondly HOW they are going about using this information.

ALSO! In the bonus show we discuss:

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Shell’s Oily Shell Game

Each week we either report on an oil spill, or pass over it in favour of even more pressing news because they just plain happen so often it’s hard to keep track of. Turn out, even these casual estimates are likely vastly underreported or swept under the rug due to the fact that oil companies themselves are responsible for reporting, and reporting how MUCH oil got spilled…. a huge factor in how much attention they get. We talk about these numbers with the help of a few news items in the first section.

In the second section, we talk about some non-oil news 🙂 A new environment commissioner report was published talking about the poor oversight Canada offers consumers with regards to personal healthcare and cosmetics. Many of these products people use every day presuming them to be safe have either never been tested, or the companies aren’t required in the first place to report whats in them. Not just from the public, but from regulators as well.

In the final section, we talk about some “good news*”, aka as usual nothing is ever just purely good 🙂 but this stuff pretty good? Maybe? We discuss…

This week’s bonus show…

we talk about ‘externalities’, long-term threats and other problems humans are just naturally bad at dealing with. Also at the end, Daryn explains why he’s been away and what this means for the future.

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Corporations, Governments and You (495)

Emmay Mah and Brenna Owen start the show off with a discussion of the weeks top news items focusing particularly on the ongoing new(ish) relationship between the USA and Canada on climate and resources issues.

In the middle section, Stefan Hostetter and Daryn Caister draw a narrative from a choice selection of other news to have a discussion about the relationship between Corporations, Shareholders, Governments and you with relation to cultural practices, who has power and why, and the rampant double standards that exist in our current system.

In the final section of the live show, we had lined up Fiona Rayher – one of the filmmakers behind the wonderful film Fractured Land which is playing at this years Water Docs Film Festival. Unfortunately, due to a technical issue beyond our control we were unable to talk to her. So we talked some more about the news we didn’t get to instead!

The film follows a Dene youth named Caleb Behn who is now a prominent activist, First Nations person and lawyer spearheading the fight against the massive oil and gas industries trying to wrest their land from them for the sake of private profit. Not only is the land being fractured, but the people in several ways leading to the name and theme of the film. It’s playing as part of the festival March 22, 2016 at 7:00 PM.

Fractured Land – Film Website
Water Docs Listings

In the bonus show, Sabina Hyseni leads un in an interesting discussion about how should we go about putting limits on our impact on the environment through the lens of a recent study on pollinator deaths as a result of neonicotinoid chemicals primarily used in farming as a pesticide. We can’t possibly have NO impact (no species does or can) but seeing is our ability to affect other species and natural systems is so big, how do we go about deciding where those limits should be?

Neonicotinoids affect wildflower pollination, study finds


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