Hope Isn’t A Strategy (510)

We attempt this week to start with the worst news and get better throughout to try to leave you with some hope. But as this weeks title tells you, hope isn’t a strategy (that will make sense later). Lot’s of news this week including breaking news about an entire lake disappearing due to climate change in Bolivia, a rush of lobbying by mining companies on the Canadian Gov, and an expose on how to evade lobbying laws in Canada. Insects are dying, and yes that’s bad… but at least we got a divestment win! All the news we found important this week listed below.

This weeks news:

This weeks music:

‘1001 Nights (Part B)’ – Versa & ‘Confessions Part 2’ Bad Bad Not Good

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(427) The Water Brothers Grimm

Alex and Tyler Mifflin

The main interview this week is our old friends Tyler and Alex Mifflin aka TVO’s “The Water Brothers“. An award winning show, now in production of it’s third season Alex and Tyler have had great success balancing education, entertainment, accessibility and urgency to important issues around one of the very few things on this earth we actually can’t do without… Water.

For those wondering about the show title, The Brother Grimm were 18th century storytellers who codified cultural stories and helped preserve these stories in our culture… so I think the pun fits 😀

Tim Nash
Tim Nash

Tim Nash the Sustainable Economist and our resident correspondent on everything to do with finance starts off the show with a few words about divestment from fossil fuels. You can read more about Tim and links to his resources in our contributors section.

“Contamination Nation”

Finally, Kevin Farmer helps us wrap up the show with a few words about big business propaganda, and a plug for the upcoming GlobalTV 16×9 show “Contamination Nation” which we recommend watching! Live Nov 22nd at 7pm on Global. You can check out the show page here: http://globalnews.ca/tag/contamination-nation/

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This weeks Music:

Tanya Tagaq “Force” & Jethro Tull “Songs from the Wood”

Dimitri Lascaris at U of T Divestment Presentation (Video)

Dimitri Lascaris is one hell of a speaker, and Toronto 350 is one hell of a group. It was our pleasure to film Dimitri’s talk at the University of Toronto during the official presentation of Toronto 350’s divestment brief asking the university to completely divest its significant assets from a list of 200 of the worst climate offenders on March 06, 2014.

You can also hear our interview with Dimitri and read the blog post for the Green Majority radio show from February 28th, 2014 here.

Taken from the Siskinds profiles page:

Dimitri Lascaris is a Siskinds partner and is the leader of Siskinds’ Securities Class Actions Group. He graduated from the University of Toronto Faculty of Law in 1991, and was admitted to the bar of the State of New York and the Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York in 1992, and the Law Society of Upper Canada in 2004. Before joining Siskinds, Mr. Lascaris practiced securities law in the New York and Paris offices of a major Wall Street law firm.

In August 2013, Mr. Lascaris was named by Canadian Business Magazine as one of the 50 most influential people in Canadian business, describing him as “the fiercest legal advocate for shareholder rights.”

Green Majority Radio #390 – Cooking the (Climate) Books

Reposted from the Montreal Gazette
Reposted from the Montreal Gazette

We start this weeks program with James (Jim) Turk, Executive Director for the Canadian Association for University Teachers who has a lot to say about the state of science in Canada. As both an educator, and a public figure Jim has make it a priority issue to talk about what has happened to the state of publicly funded basic science in Canada since the Harper government took office in 2006. He talks about the importance of having basic research produced to base informed public policy on, as well as the lack of ability and/or motivation of the private sector to fill this role.

If you are Toronto he will also be hosting a discussion after a screening of the 5th Estate piece that grabbed headlines and attention to this issue “Silence of the Labs”. The screening and talk will be on the University of Toronto campus this Monday March 03, 2014. You can look here for more info if you are interested in attending. http://scientistsfortherighttoknow.wildapricot.org/

To see the response I wrote to Peter Phillips, one of the interviews from the original 5th Estate broadcast, check out the blog post here.

After the first break we hear from Dimitri Lascaris, partner at Siskinds Law Firm about his experience with environmental class action as well as talking about his participation and support for the divestment campaign around fossil fuels currently under way at the University of Toronto due to the hard work of Toronto 350. If you would like to hear Dimitri give a talk preceding the official submission of the petition on March 6th, 2014 click here.

Peter Mansbridge @ CAPPFinally, Kevin Farmer talks for the last few min about the Peter Mansbridge and Rex Murphy stories about taking money from oil and gas. Mansbridge has since made a statement addressing these concerns saying that he was not paid, nor did he either endorse nor oppose the oil and gas as an issue.

To read more about this here’s a few articles on the issue:

Rex Murphy’s pro-oil sands speech prompts CBC to review journalistic rules

First Murphy, now Mansbridge: CBC personalities under fire for oil industry connections

First CBC’s Rex Murphy, Now Peter Mansbridge Making Big Bucks From Oil And Gas Corporations

Peter Mansbridge Was Paid By Oil And Gas Lobby For Speech

Peter Mansbridge Responds To CAPP Speech Controversy

So Who Does Rex Murphy Work For?

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This Week’s Music! Care of: DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

Happy end of February, Green Majority!

This week’s picks are both throwbacks, but they’re quality tracks with a lot of heart.  Tomorrow (Saturday, March 1st, 2014) marks the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape’s (TRCC/MWAR) 40th anniversary Bowlathon.  A grassroots organization that thrives on volunteer support and the annual fundraiser, it provides crisis support to survivors of sexual violence, in-person counseling, court accompaniment and support and of course, political action.  As a former volunteer, it’s a group very dear to my heart.  I’ve taken the calls and know how vital a link the service is for so many in the city.  It also serves a group that tends to be impacted by poor transit funding and the lack of sliding scale fares that would make so much sense.

Our songs this week are powerful examples of how the arts explore social justice issues and just happen to be by fantastic Canadian artists.

“Evidence” – Tara Maclean

Tara Maclean’s an artist I’ve shared with Green Majority listeners before, and with good reason.  Discovered by Nettwerk Records while singing on a ferry, she’s crafted some of the most memorable folk-pop tracks in my 15K+ iTunes collection — and that’s saying a lot, given that the bulk of her output was before 2000.  Much in the vein of Suzanne Vega’s hit track “Tom’s Diner”, her early work lends itself to moments and people captured in song.  “Evidence” is still one of my favourites to this day, telling of the journey towards a voice found anew.

If you’d like to support TRCC/MWAR, the link is below!


“Somebody Else” – Andrea Florian

I was introduced to Andrea Florian by a friend in 1999 and promptly fell head over heels in lover with her confessional folk-pop compositions.  While her earlier work was more stripped and acoustic, it was her band outing somehurrygood where I felt she’d truly hit her stride.  Exploring inner conflict and turmoil, love, loss and relationships, Florian possesses a gift for painting a sonic portrait.  A deeply personal track, “Somebody Else” brings the listener into the world of domestic violence in a way that is heartwrenchingly intimate and yet political.  She’s currently on hiatus, but you can grab her music at CDbaby (a great haven for indie music finds) and other usual places.


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Green Majority Radio #368 – Money Money Money

s200_milan.ilnyckyjMilan Ilnyckyj joins again this week to talk about 350Toronto (local chapter of Bill McKibben’s 350.org) and the UofT Fossil Fuel Divestment campaign, you can use that link to sign the petition, but only if your associated with UofT! (ie.Teaching Staff, Students, Administrative Staff or Alumni). We talk more about the technical bits of the larger divestment campaign as well as the upcoming Do The Math screening and panel discussion on October 15th in Toronto, with Federal Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May and Ecoholic author Adria Vasil.


Click the play button above to listen along!


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This Weeks Music:  Brought to you by DJ Amber Waves at Open til’ Midnight:

Happy Friday, Green Majority!

It’s been a fantastic week of new music discoveries at Open ‘Til Midnight, discoveries I’ll be sharing   with you over the coming weeks, including a spotlight or two of Indie Week artists.  This week,   however, I’m going with my favourite guy who just so happens to be with a small label now:  Matthew Good.

Arrows of Desire, his tenth full-length album of original material, dropped this past Tuesday and just   as his 2004 release White Light Rock And Roll Review was a timely exploration of the sociopolitical   climate of the Bush era, this album encapsulates the sense of hitting a crossroads on multiple levels —   environmental, political, and cultural, to name a few.  The back-to-basics garage rock vibe calls back to   the rebellious 70s in spirit.

Check out “Guns Of Carolina” and “We’re Long Gone”, two of my favourites on the album, and if you  still need more reasons to pick it up and support a Canadian treasure, there’s always my full review on the blog.

You can also pick a tour date across Canada to enjoy at http://www.matthewgood.org.

Until next week, stay cozy.

– Amber



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