Pentagon Is Freaking Out – Aren’t You? (511)

We start the show this week with some Canadian news. Well, it’s actually only news to some people who haven’t been paying attention.

Also, some are upset that the Green Party is OK with pipelines as long as the oil is refined in Canada… This is actually not a new position, but it’s getting some new attention and the hosts discuss.

After the break, we discuss some international news mainly US elections and politics including the lip-fluttering nonsense in the Republican draft platform.

The top story this week depends on your perspective to some degree, but the one I urge you to read most is the title article about the Pentagon’s research and utilization of this research to anticipate and control social unrest. There are two main points to glean here, firstly WHY they are suddenly so concerned with this, and secondly HOW they are going about using this information.

ALSO! In the bonus show we discuss:

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(483) 2015 In Review

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We review a bunch of top 2015 news items (not just environmental stories) and have a general discussion about conclusions we can draw about where the world is going as we reach the end of another year.

This review show is a very relaxed conversation about our world in 2015 and what we should be looking for in 2016.

A really fun, relaxed show we enjoyed making and hope you enjoy listening!

The primary source for my ‘top news items’ was this Scientific American post here.

Kevin also mentioned something called the ‘Fermi Paradox’, which is a really neat thought experiment about the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe. Here is a really fantastic animated video which explains it here.

Have a great holiday!

(Bonus show will be back in Jan!)

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