Saudi Arabia Smarter Than Canada? (499)

This week was our Spring Fundraiser at CIUT 89.5FM, but we still managed to make a proper show! The podcast here posted has all the ‘call in now!’ stuff cut out and we did an extended after-show to make it back to full-length but the result is some occasionally choppiness so please excuse. That aside, it was a great show and we think you’ll love it!

The post for this weeks show will be a bit brief due to the hectic-ness, but here’s all the links you’ll need to follow along.

News Items

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Angela Bischoff from the OCAA joins us at the top of the show to discuss some news and also talk about the complete waste of money (not to mention HUGE public safety hazard) Pickering Nuclear plant. Learn more about their campaign here.

Tim Nash – The Sustainable Economist joins us later in the program to preview his spot next week about the most recent Renewable Investment Scoreboard Report (sneak preview.. it tops $7 Billion this year). Learn more about Tim and check out his investment blog here.

Back to our regular format next week!


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(471) Ironman VS Harperman

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Chris White is the campaign coordinator for the ‘Harperman‘ crowd-fund campaign, supporting up-until-today on paid-leave Environment Canada scientist who is also a folk musician in his spare time. Tony Turner is still unable to talk to the media, but Chris gave us an update on the Harperman story (including that Tony has just retired) and a brief talk about the importance of the song, and the issues it raises in this election.

Learn more about ‘Harperman’ and Tony Turner here.

In the second half of the show, long-time economics and green/ethical investment correspondent Tim Nash joins us today to talk about the election, Tesla/Tony Stark (Elon Musk) and the importance of battery technology to the renewable revolution.

Learn more about Tim, and check out his blog article on this topic here.

In the last section, Stefan leads us in a brief discussion of a few of these news items, but make sure you let us know what you want us to cover so we can make more time to talk about this items! Vote for the news, now in democracy flavour.

Stefan’s picks for this week:

Shell abandons Alaska Arctic drilling

‘Fair’ Elections Act could disenfranchise half a million voters, says elections expert

Carbon X Prize

This weeks top news:

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First Nations take Harper government to court over Northern Gateway – just days from election

There may be flowing water on Mars. But is there intelligent life on Earth?

World leaders unveil their vision for a ‘Green New World’ as Paris talks loom

Notley hints at straying from federal NDP on climate change cap-and-trade proposal

Potentially scandalous probe into muzzled scientists not likely out by Oct.19

Elon Musk Gives Indian Prime Minister Tour of Tesla Factory, Talks Battery Storage and Solar

TransCanada slashing a fifth of senior staff jobs; warns of more cuts

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We’re doing an extended show after the radio show for our podcast audience so we can wrap up our thoughts from the broadcast (there’s never enough time!). So we keep going on a hand-held recorder a few min. The after show is called “Texts with Dave” because Dave (Stefan’s brother) always texts Stefan live while we’re on air with weird questions. Now we can answer them.

*Warning* The after-show includes some colourful language not found on the radio broadcast, listener discretion advised.

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(454) Can We Survive Capitalism?

-Image is Charles Derber- 

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First up is Derek Angove, Director of Processing and Resource Management for the city of Toronto talking about how our recycling programs works. Derek and Daryn discuss some common misconceptions about the program including misunderstandings about what can and can’t be recycled, what recycling actually means and some new additions to the program and finally the role of the program in the cities overall budget.

To learn more about the recycling program in Toronto, check out Waste Wizard!

In the second half, Journalist Krystyna Henke speaks with American author and sociologist Charles Derber. He has a new book out, The Disinherited Majority. Building on the recent work of French economist Thomas Piketty, Derber makes a case for re-examining capitalism in the face of widening global inequity and ecological destruction. An activist himself, Derber encourages people to take individual and collective action.

For more information about Charles Derber, see below:

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