Robinhood and the United Nations (512)

The #ExxonKnew story continues to develop as executives do everything they can to prevent accountability for huge corporations by spending hundreds of millions of dollars to put the entire world in mortal danger with lies to protect their business model. It is now a matter of public record that Exxon has known and admitted to knowing that climate change was a real threat for 30 years… and spent the next 30 years lying to the public through funding fake science and supporting opportunistic political hacks. The result? Well they learned their lesson, this sort of thing works. They are now spending more money to intimidate, delay and attempt to discredit those attempting to seek accountability.

The CBC gets into our crosshairs again this week with a discussion on the language used to describe anti-science hacks who keep being called ‘contrarians’ by the CBC much less science denialists and how that affects public discourse in Canada, and some final thoughts from hideous theatre macabre of the Republican National Convention.

Green Majority regular contributor and finance expert Tim Nash the sustainable economist joins us this week for a segment on the concept of a global “Robinhood Tax” and how this idea could address the vast wealth inequality all over the world, climate change and basically all the other big-ticket global problems all in one go. But you know, start small right? 🙂 This is not a new idea, nor is it crazy… in fact it’s already been proposed on a smaller scale in some countries and policies similar to this are already in place.

Meet Tim Nash

In the final main-show section we discuss briefly the technology/carbon connection with Googles data-centres… both how big an impact they have and how they are trying to reign this in with artificial intelligence (AI) software. As well, the ‘scary climate story of the week’ involves a shockingly rapid loss of sea ice and how we’re totally not nearly freaked out enough about sea level rise.

Bonus Show!

Deirdre and Daryn talk about ferrets and gene editing (part 2 of a discussion from last week) and Pokemon Go (yes really) and it’s very real relevance to modern environmental impacts. If you think this is silly or not relevant, sorry! Your wrong 🙂 Listen in on the podcast to find out why!

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(453) Environmental Roulette

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Marcus Hinds is a Engineering Information Analyst who works with energy efficiency in design as well as blogs about a wide variety of environmental topics. Marcus brings us a wide variety of environmental issues to run through this week and Kevin Farmer and host Daryn Caister also bring in some Federal election politics at the end of the program. Pick your poison! There’s a lot of scary stuff out there…

You can learn more about Marcus and read his blog here:

Links that Marcus submitted:

10 Footprint Reduction Tips
Food Waste Solutions
“Cancer Fish” Water Pollution
California coping with drought?

At the end of the show we also mentioned a list of Conservative MP’s and others who appear to be fleeing the party (or rejecting it) leading up to the next federal election… many of them surprising their own party and contradicting earlier statements? Rat’s fleeing a sinking ship? I would like to think this is because of his ludicrous (lack of) positions on environmental issues… but we all know better don’t we.

Peter MacKay, justice minister, to leave federal politics
Chris Lloyd, Papineau Conservative candidate, resigns
Jim Prentice resigns after orange wave sweeps Alberta
Eve Adams crosses the floor to join Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, slamming ‘mean-spirited’ Stephen Harper
B.C. MP quits Conservatives to defend views on evolution
John Baird to step down as MP on March 16
Bill Blair, Toronto’s outgoing police chief, announces he will run for federal Liberals in Scarborough Southwest

Also! Something I wanted to get to, but we ran out of time. I’ve been noticing a lot of #divestment announcements in the media, so I looked for a list and found this! I’m not even sure it’s complete (I can think of a few I’ve seen announcements for that aren’t on the list as far as I can tell) but it’s still very impressive!

Check this out: Fossil FreeDivest List of Divested Funds

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(412) Our Horizon

Ben West

Our first guest this week is Ben West, the Tar Sands Campaign Director for ForestEthics Advocacy based in Vancouver. Ben talks to us about pipeline and oil companies from an east coast perspective. His previous experience includes being the Healthy Communities Campaigner focusing on protecting BC and the Salish Seas, as well as zero waste initiatives, sensible transportation and land use planning related to addressing global warming.

You can find out more about Ben and ForestEthics here.

Rob Shirkey
Rob Shirkey

Our feature interview this week is a return to an old friend for an update with Rob Shirkey of Our Horizon. Our Horizon is working to promote the idea of warning labels on gas pumps to help connect at the gas pump, to the long-term consequences such as climate change. Rob joined the program early in the campaign and join us now for an update on his progress and tell the story of the advances that have already been accomplished.

You can find out more about Rob and Our Horizon here. (Check our YouTube page soon for the video full length interview!)

Kevin wraps up the show with some commentary about a recent back and forth between the famous science educator and host of the new Cosmos series, Neil Degrass Tyson and GMO activists about that issue. Despite my being a big fan of Neil, believe it or not we actually think both Neil and many of the protestors have entirely missed the point.

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Who Cares About Science!?!

Dimitri Lascaris from Siskinds Law Firm is our special feature this week as we presents with Toronto 350 the divestment brief as it was presented to the University of Toronto earlier this year. Dimitri joined us on the show a few months ago as well, you can check out that interview here.

In addition to our weekly headlines, we also have a short discussion on a rather ambitious campaign to convert all of the roads in the USA to solar powering and powered electronic panels! At last check, they had recently reached their crowd-funding goal however the Green Majority team is split on whether this is actually a good idea (despite unanimous agreement that it sounds awesome)!

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Pope Francis Pleas for the Environment

Solar Freakin’ Roadways

Africa Developing Unified Climate Strategy

Canada: Alberta Environmental Monitoring Agency Soon To Be Operational

Green Majority Radio #398 – Food Revolution Roundtable

919172-v-for-vendettaThe Food Revolution will not be televised, it will be on Green Majority Radio! Jacob Keary-Moreland founder of the Toronto Seed Library and Jamie Klinger co-founder of the Jack of All Trades Universe are our special guests for this very free form show on how food can and does affect our lives.

We discuss food democracy, the sharing economy that is sprouting up all over (shout out to our friends at the Toronto Tool Library as well!), GMO’s and much much more. Jacob was a guest on a previous show a little while ago that we received so much feedback on we had to have him back on! Check out that episode here.

Jamie’s project is currently promoting their Kick-Starter campaign to get their app finished, check that out as well.

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Narcicyst – Hamdulillah

Wintersleep – Weighty Ghost

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Green Majority Radio – June 07, 2013 – Planting Seeds In The Ocean


It is World Ocean Day June 8th, and to celebrate Kevin and I count down some of our favorite ominous trends and shocking studies about the current state in the cradle of all life, the oceans. [see below]

Andrea Reekes and Cory Gould from Patagonia Toronto join us to talk about their store and their Monday events throughout June for Bike to Work Month. They also talk about the creation of the voluntary environmental tax, 1% for the Planet.

Our friends Tyler and Alex Mifflin, better known as TV’s The Water Brothers are doing a sneak preview of Season 2 of their show to celebrate.

You can see the sneak preview here. On June 8th, 2013 you can see the entire episode here!

A story about GMO’s turns into an interesting discussion and a promise for a follow-up. As well, Kevin and I do our first show with a video camera which makes for an interesting experience (this is just trial runs so no you don’t get to see… yet).

Stories we covered this week:

World’s Largest Dead Zone Suffocating Sea

Study: Marine Species Collapse by 2048

Noisy Ocean

Gulf Oil Spill Surprises: 6 Things Experts Got Wrong

Healthy Oceans [David Suzuki]

Monsanto baffled by reappearance of GMO ‘zombie wheat’ in Oregon

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This week’s picks are brought to you by fangirl joy and a love of nostalgia.  You have been warned, dear listeners.
Pembroke, Ontario may be a place many haven’t heard of, but indie rock lovers likely hear a bell ringing.  The launchpad of Blinker The Star, Pembroke gifted the Canadian indie scene with tracks like “Below The Sliding Doors” and had their alt-rock goodness slid into the mainstream before alt was dying in favour of dance and urban fare, Blinker The Star would have likely worn the crown alongside Pearl Jam and their ilk.  Everything old is new again, and their new single “Future Fires” is name your price on Bandcamp.  Coincidentally, I unleashed my inner teen recently and bought shiny new Doc Martens.  It’s like I knew…
Coquitlam, BC is another place that might not ring a bell for you unless you know what Canadian son hails from there.  Matthew Good may not be indie per se, but he’s certainly abandoned all pretense of catering to the big labels and their formulaic singles.  Arrows of Desire drops in September but you can check out the first single, “Had It Coming” right now. Straight up rock reminiscent of his 2004 anti-Bush flavoured album White Light Rock And Roll Review.  
Bonus: references to priests walking into a bar…

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