Politics With Courage and Life Without Plastic (493)

We start the show this week with a quick review lead by Emmay Mah of the Vancourver Declaration of Clean Growth and Climate Change released yesturday (March 3rd). While the document has all sorts of great sounding language in it, there are a few issues still with it. Top of the list is that it’s about 20 years too late for the type of ‘intent to review’ and promises to do more research that the document is filled with, the other is that it’s weak politics. Listen for our full review, and you can read the press release and documents yourself here:

Full communiqué of Canada’s First Ministers
Download the Vancouver Declaration on Clean Growth and Climate Change (pdf)

In the second section, Daryn taken on the nonsense of fake-business success, and real cartoon villain wannabe: Kevin O’Leary for his non-information attacks on Cap + Trade and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne for low-information voters. Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t blind to the issues with the Ontario Liberals, and neither do we have faith that the proposed fund will be problem free. But O’Leary has no right whatsoever to claim superiority, nor expertise on these issues. What do we get when we listen to people like O’Leary? The Flint water crisis is a perfect example of the type of corruption and economic damage caused by a regulation free, Laissez-faire economic environment that people like O’Leary propose as the solution to all our problems. In fact, it’s how we got most of them in the first place.

O’Leary calls out Wynne in open letter
Flint Water Crisis: Who Is To Blame?
Brad Wall’s dangerous addiction
Damning Flint Emails Show Snyder Could Have Called Emergency ‘at Any Time’
Energy East pipeline won’t divide Canadians, Trudeau insists

In the final section of the live show, new volunteer and correspondent Clark Barr talks to us about his mission to live a year without plastic. What does that mean, how hard it really is, and if plastics so bad what are we supposed to do about it?

For the Bonus Show, hosted by Sabina Hyseni we talk about the increased economic opportunities and consequent rush to commercialize the Arctic as vast areas of usually in-traversable ice melts back due to climate change. A 5 year old could see that this is insanity, but it happens anyways. Why? What are the risks? What do we do about it? The team discusses.

Climate change opens sensitive Arctic waters to industrial exploitation

Some other important news this week you may have missed:

Why is 2016 smashing heat records?
Leonardo DiCaprio Used Oscar Acceptance Speech To Deliver Important Message
While fossils crashed in 2015, clean energy soared
Revealed: Big Oil’s Backroom Lobby Blitz to Drill in Arctic…Again
Tax Loopholes For Rich Cost Canada $16 Billion A Year: Study
As Rivers Run Black in Peru, Indigenous Tribes Left Cleaning Big Oil’s Disaster
Mercury-blighted community of Grassy Narrows takes its case to the UN
Ikea To Use Mushroom-Based Packaging That Will Decompose In A Garden Within Weeks

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Maps “Mediocrity” & Wintersleep “Territory”



(464) Green Energy Open House

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Nicole Risse, Executive Director of the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association starts the show with us to talk about Green Energy Doors Open. OSEA works to promote all forms of clean energy, including the cleanest of all.. the energy you don’t produce through efficiency and grid modernization. After introducing herself as the new ED for OSEA (former ED Kris Steven’s was a repeat guest) Nicole gives us a preview of the upcoming Green Energy Doors Open events happening all over Ontario, which you can learn more about here: http://greenenergydoorsopen.ca/

For the rest of the show, Stefan and Daryn discuss a range of top news stories including Obama’s new Clean Energy Plan and the implications for Canada.

You can view the links for the discussed articles here:

400 Alaskan villagers are set to be the U.S.’s first climate change refugees

Obama to Unveil Tougher Environmental Plan With His Legacy in Mind


Global Glaciers Melting up to Three Times Rate of 20th Century

Bombshell Study Reveals Methane Emissions Hugely Underestimated

You can boost Indigenous reporting — here’s how

To glimpse the future of oil, look at coal in the U.S.

And some other interesting items we didn’t get to:

Revealed: Canadian government spent millions on secret tar sands advocacy

Canada Gives Shell Permission to Leave Future Offshore Well Blowout Uncapped for 21 Days, the U.S. Gives 24 Hours

Producing NH3 as a green fuel

US Gov’t Expert: Fukushima Reports of shrunken or enlarged organs, black kidneys, sores on liver, slime in mouth, discolored skin — Mortality in intertidal zone like “we haven’t seen before”

BREAKING: Harper gov’t appoints Kinder Morgan consultant to NEB

TransCanada deal aims to undermine Energy East protest movement

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(448) Canada’s First Green Waves

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First up this week, Ryan O’Connor author of “First Green Wave: Pollution Probe and the Origins of Environmental Activism in Ontario”. Before there was Greenpeace, Environmental Defence, Ecojustice, Sierra Club or any other of the hundreds of large and small environmental organizations in Canada today there was Pollution Probe. Started by a few students and faculty at the University of Toronto back in 1969, Pollution Probe but environmental protection and activism on the map with a series of small and big wins protecting Canadians from burning rivers, toxic smokestacks and rampant litter. Ryan walks us through an outline of his book on the history of Pollution Probe and comments on the contrast between 1970’s environmentalism in Canada and today.

You can reach Ryan at his website, and learn more about him here.

You can also read the forward to his book by Graeme Wynn (Pollution Probe veteran) here.

Second up, Stefan and Kevin provide some background and context from California and BC on cap and trade/carbon tax with the announcement of Ontario joining California and Quebec in a cap and trade system.

Some of the reference material presented by Stefan is here:

Daryn also takes a min to dig at some ignorant and misleading reporting by the Toronto Sun on the subject. Think he’s being dramatic/partisan? Here’s the article, judge for yourself 😀

Cap and trade yet another Liberal tax grab [Toronto Sun]

Lastly we talk to Jo Royle, Officer for the Pew Charitable Trusts with the Global Ocean Legacy program about the very recent announcement by the UK government to approve the Pitcairn Islands Marine Reserve which is now the worlds largest fully protected marine space. We talk to Jo about the importance of protecting ocean space, the implicit difficultly of getting people and governments to care about something they almost never see or think about and the value of a clean ocean in general.

Learn more about Jo Royle and the Pew Charitable Trusts here.

Read the release announcement for the Pitcairn Islands Marine Reserve here.

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