Pentagon Is Freaking Out – Aren’t You? (511)

We start the show this week with some Canadian news. Well, it’s actually only news to some people who haven’t been paying attention.

Also, some are upset that the Green Party is OK with pipelines as long as the oil is refined in Canada… This is actually not a new position, but it’s getting some new attention and the hosts discuss.

After the break, we discuss some international news mainly US elections and politics including the lip-fluttering nonsense in the Republican draft platform.

The top story this week depends on your perspective to some degree, but the one I urge you to read most is the title article about the Pentagon’s research and utilization of this research to anticipate and control social unrest. There are two main points to glean here, firstly WHY they are suddenly so concerned with this, and secondly HOW they are going about using this information.

ALSO! In the bonus show we discuss:

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Updates on Line 9 Pipeline and Bill C51 (492)

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We begin the show with our news roundup this week. The headlines we featured include a combination of awesome renewable energy projects beginning to take hold around the world, and the legal nonsense that’s being abused by the US government to try to quash them (likely because they aren’t controlled by ‘US’ companies).

World’s Largest Desert Solar Plant In Morocco Has Gone Live
Chinese Fusion Test Reportedly Reaches New Milestone
Ottawa seeks to set national minimum on carbon pricing

Daryn also brings up an interesting case of a Chinese company trying to sue Canada over opposition to several resource projects that China has a steak in on Canadian soil, and the implications for FIPA and TPP trade deals of what this could mean in the future.

Canada’s disaster relief costs spike due to rise in extreme weather
Enbridge wants to break its oilsands addiction
Canada’s First Chinese FIPA Case In The Making?
Race Best Predicts Whether You Live Near Pollution

In the second section journalist David Grey-Donald brings us a report he’s compiled (soon to be released) about the line 9 pipeline that started recently despite massive public pressure from locals under the Harper government, and the new Liberals (and most of the mainstream environmental movement) having seemingly given up on this fight in favour of fighting Energy East pipeline. There are arguable tactical reasons to do this, but what does this mean for the affected communities from Line 9?

Chippewa of the Thames First Nation fundraiser for Supreme Court case against the National Energy Board and Enbridge. (MSM news link)
December 7 shut-down in St-Justine-de-Newton (by David)
First-hand accout of December 7, 2015 pipeline shut-down (Alt news link)
Interview with one of the Dec 7 protesters (by David)
December 21 shut-down in Aamjiwnaang / Sarnia (by David)
Myeengun Henry of Chippewa of the Thames First Nation talking about their supreme court challenge (by Nicky Young)
One anonymous shut-down in January near Hamilton (by David)

In the final main-show section, Matt Currie from Stop C51 TO joins us for an update on the status of bill C51 (aka the police state bill) from Harper that the new liberal government promised to amend… to little apparent result. What are the risks to citizens today? What will the Liberals do now? Matt explains…

Stop C51 TO upcoming mixer in Toronto
Volunteer with Stop C51 TO
Donate to Stop C51 TO

In the Bonus Show, Sabina Hyseni and the rest of the team talks about the TPP and it’s relationship to Federal Fisheries and Oceans Minister Hunter Tootoo who is being urged by his department to repair the damage done to the sciences by Harper…. but also support the TPP trade deal on the basis that it would improve trade despite the fact that the climate change that will result could wipe out the fishing industry all together.

Exclusive: Tootoo urged to promote TPP and billions in seafood exports, briefings show

Daryn also discusses a fascinating article by right-wing political consultant Frank Luntz, who who talks about how today’s youth are ‘terrifyingly liberal’ and that this should ‘frighten every business and political leader’ in the country. We’re not terrified 🙂 we’re excited.

Top GOP Pollster: Young Americans Are Terrifyingly Liberal

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(488) 7 Reasons Rick Mercer Got EnergyEast Wrong

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The news team discusses new Canadian pipeline/environmental review announcements by the federal government. The good, bad and ugly.

Pipeline projects to face new environmental regulations

In the middle of the show, we respond to Rick Mercer (Famous Canadian Pundit/Comedian) regarding his recent video promoting Energy East and deriding Montreal for saying no to it.

Rick Mercer’s video (removed from Facebook where it was originally exclusively posted… and was removed a few days later after 75,000+ comments and 20,000 shares, and then uploaded to Youtube where it can now be found… Wonder why?)

Energy East flap shows Quebec is still viewed with contempt by many in the rest of Canada

Brad Wall provokes anti-Quebec insults over pipeline opposition

Finally we talk about solutions. Now that we are starting to have the difficult conversations we need to have, what do activists that were focused on getting people to pay attention to the issue do now? Propose solutions 🙂 and we do just that.

Why the climate movement needs a reboot

Canada has ‘responsibility to lead by example,’ UN environment chief says

Flint Water Crisis: Who Is To Blame?

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(486) The Climate Goes To Court

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Jeff Douglas is the VP of sales for Renoback, a Canadian company based out of Alberta who realized that there is good business to be done by doing the right thing. Renoback is a sales and trade platform for making use of the literal tons of perfectly good building materials that get thrown into the dump each year simply because previously there was nothing else to do with it. Renoback is not only diverting tons of materials from waste, but is also saving clients huge amounts of cash while also making a decent living doing the right thing. We hear from Jeff about how this works, the motivation behind it, and what if any this model means for the future of business both inside and outside the construction industry.

Learn more about Jeff Douglas here, and visit Renoback here.

In the middle of the show, Emmay Mah and Stefan Hostetter help discuss some big courtroom news in Canada this week as a series of important decisions came down with potentially huge implications for all sorts of oil infrastructure projects in Canada. We discuss the details as well as the meta-level implications.

BREAKING: First Nations win court challenge against B.C. over Enbridge pipeline

B.C. government failed to properly consult First Nations on Northern Gateway pipeline, court rules

Ontario first nation heads to Supreme Court over Enbridge’s Line 9

B.C. government formally opposes Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion

In the final section, we discuss some other items of note this week, including a followup to some of last weeks NAFTA commentary, Ontario’s new environment commissioner and the massive ‘BikeBahn’ in Germany which connects 10 cities by high-grade bike superhighway!

New NAFTA lawsuits reveal disturbing, dangerous trend

David Reevely: Meet Ontario’s radical new environment commissioner

Vote for the News

This weeks ‘vote for the news’ item, you can vote here.

Germany’s Superhighway for Bikes Offers Hope for ‘Transformative’ Transportation

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(412) Our Horizon

Ben West

Our first guest this week is Ben West, the Tar Sands Campaign Director for ForestEthics Advocacy based in Vancouver. Ben talks to us about pipeline and oil companies from an east coast perspective. His previous experience includes being the Healthy Communities Campaigner focusing on protecting BC and the Salish Seas, as well as zero waste initiatives, sensible transportation and land use planning related to addressing global warming.

You can find out more about Ben and ForestEthics here.

Rob Shirkey
Rob Shirkey

Our feature interview this week is a return to an old friend for an update with Rob Shirkey of Our Horizon. Our Horizon is working to promote the idea of warning labels on gas pumps to help connect at the gas pump, to the long-term consequences such as climate change. Rob joined the program early in the campaign and join us now for an update on his progress and tell the story of the advances that have already been accomplished.

You can find out more about Rob and Our Horizon here. (Check our YouTube page soon for the video full length interview!)

Kevin wraps up the show with some commentary about a recent back and forth between the famous science educator and host of the new Cosmos series, Neil Degrass Tyson and GMO activists about that issue. Despite my being a big fan of Neil, believe it or not we actually think both Neil and many of the protestors have entirely missed the point.

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Green Majority Radio #371 – Sakura-we-kidding?

sakura saunders
sakura saunders

Line 9 pipeline is a growing issue here in Ontario, and no-one is more happy about that than Sakura Saunders. Sakura is a local Toronto environmental and social justice activist whose been working on issues that overlap human rights with environmental concerns for years. As happy as she is that the general public is starting to take notice of the trampling of indigenous peoples, as well as the rest of our rights, she wonders… what took so long?

We talk to Sakura today primarily about the NEB (National Energy Board) hearings this week in Toronto, and a large rally that will be held outside the Metro Toronto Convention Center, where the hearings are being held this week, to decide the fate of the Line 9 pipeline (keep in mind the NEB rubber stamps almost everything that crosses their desk, and is largely seen as a “formality” by the establishment), which stands to OK a rickety old pipeline with an even more toxic, dangerous and hard to control substance than it already carries… right through the backyards of one of the most densely populated stretches in Canada.

If you are in Toronto, Saturday Oct 19th…

click here to read more and join us downtown!

Click the play button above to listen along!

Hamilton News
Hamilton News

News Items for this week:

Mainstream Media ‘Balances’ Climate Science With Fossil Fuel Funded Propaganda

Mexico Bans GMO Corn Effective Immediately

How the 16-Day Government Shutdown Significantly Impacted Health and the Environment

Throne speech 2013: The full text for Governor General David Johnston’s statement

(Not about so much what it says as what it doesn’t….)

Gamers solve decade old HIV puzzle in ten days

(Can anyone guess where I’m going with this? We will address it on a near future show…)

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The Royal Baby has been born! And amazingly, despite the lack of Federal funding for public transit or green initiatives of any kind, Stephen Harper has found $100K to give to charity to celebrate Prince George.

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Markham band Future History took the crown last year on OTM for best album and it looks like   they’re gearing up to attempt a repeat performance with their third album, Lungs later this year.   Picking up where Loss:/Self left off (namely, the destruction and deconstruction of self), the album   kicks off with new single “With Haste”, a harmony-rich beauty that begins the journey of rising from   the ashes. Like our first pick of the week, you can snag a free download of “With Haste” from the   band’s official site.

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