Pentagon Is Freaking Out – Aren’t You? (511)

We start the show this week with some Canadian news. Well, it’s actually only news to some people who haven’t been paying attention.

Also, some are upset that the Green Party is OK with pipelines as long as the oil is refined in Canada… This is actually not a new position, but it’s getting some new attention and the hosts discuss.

After the break, we discuss some international news mainly US elections and politics including the lip-fluttering nonsense in the Republican draft platform.

The top story this week depends on your perspective to some degree, but the one I urge you to read most is the title article about the Pentagon’s research and utilization of this research to anticipate and control social unrest. There are two main points to glean here, firstly WHY they are suddenly so concerned with this, and secondly HOW they are going about using this information.

ALSO! In the bonus show we discuss:

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(456) Pope For The Win!

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First up this week is Ryan Dyment from the Toronto Tool Library talking about some recent successes including a new partnership with the Toronto Public Library system. The Tool Library concept is precisely what it sounds, a library for tools you can borrow instead of buy. We have lots of stuff already in this world, lets fix it up instead of buying new stuff! These guys can help you do it, by providing access to equipment and workshops and training for the equipment and basic skills. As Ryan talks about at the end of his segment, the idea got started in Toronto but there are now locations popping up all over the world. Contact them to find yours, or they can help you get your own started in your city!

Check them out (including info on the new site at Downsview Public Library) here: Toronto Tool Library

Second up is Norm Di Pasquale from NoJetsTO talking about an upcoming waterfront action. NoJetsTO is as much a pro-community space and preserving public lands group as it is anti-airport. There are also a lot more reasons to why you should be against this plan (even if you like the idea of a closer airport) far beyond a simple NIMBY argument.

Learn more and get involved (including this weekends action) here: NoJetsTO

Norm also sticks around to help us talk about the recent “Encyclical” held by Pope Francis of the Catholic Church that is making major news around the world. Not a Catholic? You should still be excited because there are 2.1 billion of them. We welcome all support in the fight for a clean energy planet.

Read about some of his main proclamations here (you will love them):

Pope calls for “action now” to save planet, stem warming, help poor

Eight things we learned from the pope’s climate change encyclical

Read about the Federal NDP surge in Canada, and what that could mean:

Tom Mulcair’s ‘government in waiting’ rattles Liberals and Tories

Also mentioned this week for listeners in Toronto:

TRUE COST movie screening 6PM JUNE 24th

Co-hosted by Toronto’s sustainable apparel & fashion group ‘FASHION TAKES ACTION’ and the Ryerson School of Fashion. Going behind the scenes of the environmental and social impacts of the global garment trade TRUE COST has been generating heated industry discussion around the issues of fair wages and fair trade.

Learn more

CATASTROIKA Move Screening – Moderated by NDP MP Peter Tabuns

“Catastroika” became synonym of the country’s complete destruction by market forces; the sell off of public property; and the steep deterioration of citizens’ living standards. Now, Catastroika’s unit of measurement was unemployment, social impoverishment, declining life expectancy, as well as the creation of a new cast of oligarchs, who took over the country’s reins.

Learn more

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