(462) Project Animal Farm

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Sonia Faruqi is the author of a new book Project Animal Farm about her journey into the world of food production. Sonia didn’t start her career in food, in fact she started on Wall St. The book is about her journey into this world of how our food arrives at the stores, and she takes you along with her. From factory farms to grocery stores, Sonia provides an overview of our food system, how it affects your choices and what you can do about it.

You can learn more about Sonia, and her book Project Animal Farm here: http://www.soniafaruqi.com/

In the second half, we hear from Chris Phillips and Steven Gray from Greening Homes. As green renovation experts they tell us about some of the obvious choices any home owner can make that is both good for the environment and their pocket books at the same time. We also talk to them about their recent award winning retrofit job, which hear about in the interview and read more about here: http://www.greeninghomes.com/greening-homes-wins-the-prestigious-canadian-green-building-award/

To watch the video version of just this interview, you can see it here: http://www.greenmajority.ca/save_money_with_green_retrofits_w_greening_homes

You can learn more about Greening Homes here: http://greeninghomes.com/

This weeks top eco-news:

Oilpatch pain persists as Cenovus to cut hundreds more jobs this year (Too bad we didn’t organize clean energy jobs for them to transition to…)

13 Top U.S. Companies Pledge $140 Billion to Slash Carbon Emissions

This Giant Wall Sucks Carbon Dioxide Straight Out Of The Air (We’re skeptical about this, lot’s of unanswered questions but read and decide for yourself)

New poll finds state supports more green policies (California centric, but interesting about political spectrum on CC)

It’s Not Climate Change… It’s Everything Change (Margret Atwood – Worth a Look!)

Plastic to Oil Fantastic (Also lot’s of unanswered questions… but we’re going to look more into this, and worth a look)

This Weeks Music!

Barenaked Ladies “Be My Yoko Ono” & Alanis Morissette “You Oughta Know”