Robinhood and the United Nations (512)

The #ExxonKnew story continues to develop as executives do everything they can to prevent accountability for huge corporations by spending hundreds of millions of dollars to put the entire world in mortal danger with lies to protect their business model. It is now a matter of public record that Exxon has known and admitted to knowing that climate change was a real threat for 30 years… and spent the next 30 years lying to the public through funding fake science and supporting opportunistic political hacks. The result? Well they learned their lesson, this sort of thing works. They are now spending more money to intimidate, delay and attempt to discredit those attempting to seek accountability.

The CBC gets into our crosshairs again this week with a discussion on the language used to describe anti-science hacks who keep being called ‘contrarians’ by the CBC much less science denialists and how that affects public discourse in Canada, and some final thoughts from hideous theatre macabre of the Republican National Convention.

Green Majority regular contributor and finance expert Tim Nash the sustainable economist joins us this week for a segment on the concept of a global “Robinhood Tax” and how this idea could address the vast wealth inequality all over the world, climate change and basically all the other big-ticket global problems all in one go. But you know, start small right? 🙂 This is not a new idea, nor is it crazy… in fact it’s already been proposed on a smaller scale in some countries and policies similar to this are already in place.

Meet Tim Nash

In the final main-show section we discuss briefly the technology/carbon connection with Googles data-centres… both how big an impact they have and how they are trying to reign this in with artificial intelligence (AI) software. As well, the ‘scary climate story of the week’ involves a shockingly rapid loss of sea ice and how we’re totally not nearly freaked out enough about sea level rise.

Bonus Show!

Deirdre and Daryn talk about ferrets and gene editing (part 2 of a discussion from last week) and Pokemon Go (yes really) and it’s very real relevance to modern environmental impacts. If you think this is silly or not relevant, sorry! Your wrong 🙂 Listen in on the podcast to find out why!

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(485) Reclaiming Sovereignty

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Jeff Mann is an artist from the US now living in southern Ontario who works with junked car parts into art pieces, primarily masks. The art is absolutely fabulous, but you’ll also really enjoy Jeff’s perspective on environmental values and how to talk about it as he tours Ontario with his art pieces. Something he says that really resonated with us is that it’s probably a good idea to get out of your head, and into your heart when talking to the general public about social and environmental values.

Learn more about Jeff Mann and his art here.

You can also watch our video with Jeff (where he’s showing off his masks) here.

We also talk about TransCanada’s filed suit against the US government for killing the Keystone XL pipeline. The reason are both sad and hilarious, but it’s also a useful warning that this is even possible via NAFTA… on the eve of giving international ‘trade’ agreements superpowers through the TPP.


This NAFTA Lawsuit over Keystone XL Proves “Free Trade” Deals Kill Democracy

‘Huge Ovation’: Citing #ExxonKnew, Vermont Governor Calls for Fossil Fuel Divestment

Keystone XL rejection leads TransCanada to sue Obama administration

Stefan Hostetter also gets on his soapbox about ‘planning to win’ and a cool idea for a way to revolutionize micro-technology like cell-phones to be less of a scourge on the planet.

This Is What a Repairable Phone Looks Like

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(483) 2015 In Review

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We review a bunch of top 2015 news items (not just environmental stories) and have a general discussion about conclusions we can draw about where the world is going as we reach the end of another year.

This review show is a very relaxed conversation about our world in 2015 and what we should be looking for in 2016.

A really fun, relaxed show we enjoyed making and hope you enjoy listening!

The primary source for my ‘top news items’ was this Scientific American post here.

Kevin also mentioned something called the ‘Fermi Paradox’, which is a really neat thought experiment about the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe. Here is a really fantastic animated video which explains it here.

Have a great holiday!

(Bonus show will be back in Jan!)

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(415) Hack4Good (like a boss)

Joseph Boutilier
Joseph Boutilier

We start with weeks show with Joseph Boutilier of #unityfortheclimate who is nearing the completion of his more than 5000km UNICYCLE ride across Canada (yep, you read that correctly). Joseph talks to us about what inspired his trip and what he hopes to accomplish by it, as well as his thoughts on the biggest obstacles impeding climate action in Canada.

You can read more about his trip here:

And please check out the short intro to the interview below!

hack4goodOur second feature is about an upcoming action in coordination with partners all over the world called Hack4GoodTO. Andrew Hlavat and Yannick Trottier join us as an organizer and judge for the event respectively. Andrew is a programmer with a background in philosophy and Yannick is an engineer and both care deeply about environmental issues. They discuss the topic of where technology and technical people connect to both problems and solutions on climate issues.

You can learn more and sign up for Hack4Good Toronto here:

We will be releasing some new videos about the upcoming climate march as part of the fast approaching Peoples Climate March very soon, but don’t delay! We have almost 4 busloads of Torontonians coming with us to make climate history in NYC over the Sept 19-21 weekend, and for a very small cost you can come with us!

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Who Cares About Science!?!

Dimitri Lascaris from Siskinds Law Firm is our special feature this week as we presents with Toronto 350 the divestment brief as it was presented to the University of Toronto earlier this year. Dimitri joined us on the show a few months ago as well, you can check out that interview here.

In addition to our weekly headlines, we also have a short discussion on a rather ambitious campaign to convert all of the roads in the USA to solar powering and powered electronic panels! At last check, they had recently reached their crowd-funding goal however the Green Majority team is split on whether this is actually a good idea (despite unanimous agreement that it sounds awesome)!

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Pope Francis Pleas for the Environment

Solar Freakin’ Roadways

Africa Developing Unified Climate Strategy

Canada: Alberta Environmental Monitoring Agency Soon To Be Operational