Updates on Line 9 Pipeline and Bill C51 (492)

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We begin the show with our news roundup this week. The headlines we featured include a combination of awesome renewable energy projects beginning to take hold around the world, and the legal nonsense that’s being abused by the US government to try to quash them (likely because they aren’t controlled by ‘US’ companies).

World’s Largest Desert Solar Plant In Morocco Has Gone Live
Chinese Fusion Test Reportedly Reaches New Milestone
Ottawa seeks to set national minimum on carbon pricing

Daryn also brings up an interesting case of a Chinese company trying to sue Canada over opposition to several resource projects that China has a steak in on Canadian soil, and the implications for FIPA and TPP trade deals of what this could mean in the future.

Canada’s disaster relief costs spike due to rise in extreme weather
Enbridge wants to break its oilsands addiction
Canada’s First Chinese FIPA Case In The Making?
Race Best Predicts Whether You Live Near Pollution

In the second section journalist David Grey-Donald brings us a report he’s compiled (soon to be released) about the line 9 pipeline that started recently despite massive public pressure from locals under the Harper government, and the new Liberals (and most of the mainstream environmental movement) having seemingly given up on this fight in favour of fighting Energy East pipeline. There are arguable tactical reasons to do this, but what does this mean for the affected communities from Line 9?

Chippewa of the Thames First Nation fundraiser for Supreme Court case against the National Energy Board and Enbridge. (MSM news link)
December 7 shut-down in St-Justine-de-Newton (by David)
First-hand accout of December 7, 2015 pipeline shut-down (Alt news link)
Interview with one of the Dec 7 protesters (by David)
December 21 shut-down in Aamjiwnaang / Sarnia (by David)
Myeengun Henry of Chippewa of the Thames First Nation talking about their supreme court challenge (by Nicky Young)
One anonymous shut-down in January near Hamilton (by David)

In the final main-show section, Matt Currie from Stop C51 TO joins us for an update on the status of bill C51 (aka the police state bill) from Harper that the new liberal government promised to amend… to little apparent result. What are the risks to citizens today? What will the Liberals do now? Matt explains…

Stop C51 TO upcoming mixer in Toronto
Volunteer with Stop C51 TO
Donate to Stop C51 TO

In the Bonus Show, Sabina Hyseni and the rest of the team talks about the TPP and it’s relationship to Federal Fisheries and Oceans Minister Hunter Tootoo who is being urged by his department to repair the damage done to the sciences by Harper…. but also support the TPP trade deal on the basis that it would improve trade despite the fact that the climate change that will result could wipe out the fishing industry all together.

Exclusive: Tootoo urged to promote TPP and billions in seafood exports, briefings show

Daryn also discusses a fascinating article by right-wing political consultant Frank Luntz, who who talks about how today’s youth are ‘terrifyingly liberal’ and that this should ‘frighten every business and political leader’ in the country. We’re not terrified 🙂 we’re excited.

Top GOP Pollster: Young Americans Are Terrifyingly Liberal

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TPP as Global Economic Eugenics (489)

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Lauren Brown joins us from LEAF (Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests) to talk about the organization and a new program they are offering to increase the amount of women in the forestry sector. Currently females makes up only 10% of the sector, and they’d like to change that!

To find out more about the Young Urban Forest Leaders Program with LEAF, click HERE. Applications for the program will be accepted until Sunday, March 20, 2016 by 5pm.

Our main guest this week is Gus Van Harten, associate professor at Osgoode Hall Law School and author of Investment Treaty Arbitration and Public Law. Gus walks us through just some of the may reasons that the TPP ‘trade’ deal that Canada just signed and it looking to ratify is a terrible deal for Canadians, and furthermore democracy in general everywhere.

Learn more about Gus here, and you can read a recent article by him on the TPP here.

The final section of the show, and the entire bonus show is dedicated to our crack team of hosts talking from our perspectives (with examples) of why you should be loudly opposed to the TPP. Let your local MP or MPP know right now, TPP is not good for Canada.

More reading on the TPP from recent MSM news:

Trans-Pacific Partnership hides significant health costs, according to two new studies

How TPP Helps Workers Still a Mystery, Says National Union Leader

‘Signing Does Not Equal Ratifying’: Freeland on TPP

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(485) Reclaiming Sovereignty

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Jeff Mann is an artist from the US now living in southern Ontario who works with junked car parts into art pieces, primarily masks. The art is absolutely fabulous, but you’ll also really enjoy Jeff’s perspective on environmental values and how to talk about it as he tours Ontario with his art pieces. Something he says that really resonated with us is that it’s probably a good idea to get out of your head, and into your heart when talking to the general public about social and environmental values.

Learn more about Jeff Mann and his art here.

You can also watch our video with Jeff (where he’s showing off his masks) here.

We also talk about TransCanada’s filed suit against the US government for killing the Keystone XL pipeline. The reason are both sad and hilarious, but it’s also a useful warning that this is even possible via NAFTA… on the eve of giving international ‘trade’ agreements superpowers through the TPP.


This NAFTA Lawsuit over Keystone XL Proves “Free Trade” Deals Kill Democracy

‘Huge Ovation’: Citing #ExxonKnew, Vermont Governor Calls for Fossil Fuel Divestment

Keystone XL rejection leads TransCanada to sue Obama administration

Stefan Hostetter also gets on his soapbox about ‘planning to win’ and a cool idea for a way to revolutionize micro-technology like cell-phones to be less of a scourge on the planet.

This Is What a Repairable Phone Looks Like

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(476) Down Goes Keystone XL!

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*Breaking News* During the show we found out that Obama just killed KXL! We realize this and talk about it later in the show as the info comes in live 🙂 – Daryn

First up, Kevin Caners host of The Elephant podcast based out of the UK joins us by phone to talk about his show and the evolving roles of alternative VS mainstream media.

Learn more about Kevin and the Elephant podcast here.

Next up, Jay Wall joins us to discuss the new Canadian Cabinet, particularly both the inclusion of a new Climate minister and the exclusion of former Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair.

You can find Jay over at Studio JayWall here.

Finally, Stefan Hostetter and Emmay Mah help us discuss the new release of the full text of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the massive fires raging still in Indonesia, that could be the not only the greatest indication of climate change effects being here already but potentially the worst ecological disaster of the century.

This weeks top news!

#ExxonKnew Escalates as NY Attorney General Subpoenas Oil Giant Over Climate Crimes

Oil and Gas Industry Publicly Supports Climate Action While Secretly Subverting Process

Text of TPP mega trade deal finally released

Burnaby mayor irritated by Kinder Morgan pipeline exposure

NASA Allegedly Conducts More Successful Tests On “Impossible” EM Drive

Better than Ezra – Alberta Oil Magazine (? Yep haha)

Nestlé Waters Canada plan to tap aquifer worries Elora, Ont., residents

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(473) Vote! Vote! Vote!

Amara Possian from LeadNOW joins us to talk about votetogether.ca and their election campaigning! Strategic voting to prevent another term of Harper. Vote smart, vote S-Mart… YA GOT THAT!?!

Learn more about Amara and LeadNOW here.

Rob Shirkey from Our Horizon and Sylvie Letourneau join host Daryn Caister on a roundtable about the most urgent #elxn42 developments. Platforms, policies, our broken election system, the “average Canadian voter” the realities of voter awareness and what informs platforms in the first place.

Learn more about Rob and Our Horizon here.

Don’t miss this one! This show went boom. I (Daryn) will go back to being nice next week. 🙂

Vote 4 The News! 

Here is this weeks news items mentioned on the show, you can #vote4thenews on our main page to help us pick what stories to cover on the show. Have your say with #vote4thenews here.

Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) Treaty: State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) Issues for Ministerial Guidance

En masse no more: Quebec’s four-way split skewing election landscape

Vote Compass: Most Canadians feel government should do more to combat climate change

Conservatives ‘Had No Intention’ of Dealing with Climate Change: Mark Jaccard

Liberal campaign co-chair resigns, faces possible oil lobbying investigation

Here Are The Election Ads You Didn’t Know You Wanted

Everything you need to know about the parties’ platforms, from taxes and terrorism to the environment

Alaska governor wants ‘more drilling’ to deal with climate change

Stephen Harper: master manipulator

Pipelines & politics: Where the parties stand on oil & gas issues

Bill McKibben: ‘VW Is the Flea to Exxon’s Elephant. No Corporation Has Ever Done Anything This Big and This Bad’

Interactive Map Shows 414 U.S. Cities Already Locked Into Catastrophic Sea Level Rise

Oil unlikely to ever be fully exploited because of climate concerns – BP

Grassroots Struggle for Food Sovereignty and Liberation of Black Cultures

Viral Video Confronts the War on Science

NATO: Climate Change Is Significant Security Threat and ‘Its Bite Is Already Being Felt’

(No ‘Texts with Dave’ this week… back next week!)

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(472) Death of Democracy

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Mark Bourrie, author of “Killing the Messenger: Harper’s War On Your Right To Know” joins us for the first segment to talk about the way this government has attempted to shut out independent investigation and review of it’s actions, it’s war on science and information as well as it’s attempt to control the media.

Learn more about Mark here and follow him on twitter here.

Up next is Dr. Matthew Rimmer, Professor of Intellectual Property and Innovation Law at Queensland University of Technology Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Dr. Rimmer gives us a very important review of what we do, and do not know about the supposedly already done “trade” deal called the TPP. There’s a lot of scary rumours out there about this secret deal, and Matthew sets us straight. *MUST HEAR INTERVIEW*

Learn more about Matthew here and follow him on twitter here.

In the last section, Stefan and guest co-host Emmay Mah from Step-Up Canada lead us in a brief discussion of a few of these news items, but make sure you let us know what you want us to cover so we can make more time to talk about this items! Vote for the news, now in democracy flavour.

Learn more about Step-Up Canada and see their new Election ad ‘First Date Faux Pas’ here.

Stefan & Emmay’s picks for this week:

Why Isn’t Big Ag’s Huge Contribution to Climate Change on the Agenda at COP21?

Ralph Nader: Monsanto vs. Freedom of Information Act

146 Countries Covering Almost 87% of Global Emissions Submit Climate Plans Ahead of Paris

This weeks other top news:

To vote for this weeks news click here.

France to force big supermarkets to give unsold food to charities

Scientists Turn Green Algae Into Biofuel at $50 a Barrel

Victory! Ontario finally passes the Great Lakes Protection Act

Sweden Plans To Become World’s First Fossil Fuel-Free Nation

Will BP’s Record Gulf Spill Settlement Amount to a Record Tax Break?

26% of the World Will Run on Renewables by 2020, Says IEA

National Energy Board approves Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline

Harvard Researchers Hail Cost-Effective Battery That Could Store Surplus Wind and Solar Power

NEW: “Texts with Dave”

We’re doing an extended show after the radio show for our podcast audience so we can wrap up our thoughts from the broadcast (there’s never enough time!). So we keep going on a hand-held recorder a few min. The after show is called “Texts with Dave” because Dave (Stefan’s brother) always texts Stefan live while we’re on air with weird questions. Now we can answer them.

*Warning* The after-show includes some colourful language not found on the radio broadcast, listener discretion advised.

You can listen here to this weeks episode and as of Nov 20th it will be included in the podcast stream as part of the same upload as the main show.

Listen here: ‘Texts With Dave’ (3) Oct 9th

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(452) Profit and Moral Authority

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Rich Penney is a member of the Toronto chapter for the global Zeitgeist movement. The Zeitgeist movement among other things is interested in the “logical, scientific solutions and methods we have at our disposal to update and correct the current social system and create a truly responsible, sustainable, peaceful, global society.” It is based around it’s namesake, a series of independently produced films called Zeitgeist by Peter Joseph. [Editorial note: The first film is not recommended and has been widely criticized for it’s accuracy, and for being full of unsubstantiated claims… after the initial criticism from the first film, Peter Joseph did a much better job with the following two films Addendum and Moving Forward. These two films are recommended, both as a look at some important issues in our society, and that they propose interesting solutions to these issues.]

Rich joins us to share some of the data from his presentation at this years Z-Day Conference, called “Moral Agency in a Free Market Economy”. The talk explores some counter-intuitive results from studies about human behaviour, and then we examine some examples of how this plays out in our day-to-day life. We also talk about how this psychology, and the associated selection pressures this creates for leaders of multi-national publicly traded corporations.

You can read more about Rich on his blog, visit the Zeitgeist Movement Toronto website, and watch the video of Rich’s presentation from Z-Day: Moral Agency in a Free Market Economy.

You can also watch Daryn’s talk from the same event – All or Nothing: Climate Changes Everything.

In the second section of our show, we hear some clips of our video interview with Yvonne Bambrick about her book The Urban Cycling Survival Guide. Yvonne talks to us about biking infrastructure in Toronto, her thoughts on bike advocacy and working with drivers to make safe spaces for all, and how Toronto compares to other cities.

Watch the full video version of the interview here, and you can learn more about Yvonne as well as get her book here.

In the final section, we talk a bit more about some of the implications of the moral agency discussion, within the context of some recent news about a very short lived victory in the US Senate over the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Major Win as U.S. Senate Blocks TPP Fast Track Bill

Reversing Grassroots Win, US Senate Approves Fast Track Trade Measure

Finally, in case you missed it… The very funny full version of the clip of President Obama’s “Anger Translator” gag from the White House correspondents dinner.

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