To Hell With Tolerance (513)

The Trudeau government is under fire again this week over the perceived bias of appointing someone with close ties to Kinder Morgan to a board reviewing Kinder Morgan proposals. Our Canadian pipeline coverage continues with another story about whistleblower reports of edited reports by Husky Energy (and likely others) hiding their complacency in protecting the public from spills.

After the break, we discuss some good news! A great breakthrough could be on the horizon with the technology to turn waste plastic into diesel fuel. Most people don’t realize that ocean tankers which carry much of our international trade are exempted from most climate regulations and have no fuel efficiency standards. Not only would technology like this clean up a lot of waste plastic, but potentially turn some of the worst possible energy systems on earth (diesel ship engines) to among the cleanest.

Afterwards, we play an inspirational clips from the Revolution Climate rally outside the Democratic National Convention this past week in Philadelphia. Inspiration and exciting we hope you enjoy! We played a short clip from the start but the full video (via The Young Turks) is available below.

Finally, Alex and Daryn follow the optimistic theme and talk about an article about positive traits you should try to live for 2016. While Daryn is not a fan of the flowers language (and you may or may not be either) it’s worth digging through for the actual meat and some good concepts that are worth considering.

Bonus Show!

We welcomed a surprise last min guest to the bonus show, and hopefully we will be seeing her again soon 🙂 Shaya Tajvidi joins Alex and Daryn to talk about car-sharing, solar roads and banning personal transport vehicles to some degree.

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Corporations, Governments and You (495)

Emmay Mah and Brenna Owen start the show off with a discussion of the weeks top news items focusing particularly on the ongoing new(ish) relationship between the USA and Canada on climate and resources issues.

In the middle section, Stefan Hostetter and Daryn Caister draw a narrative from a choice selection of other news to have a discussion about the relationship between Corporations, Shareholders, Governments and you with relation to cultural practices, who has power and why, and the rampant double standards that exist in our current system.

In the final section of the live show, we had lined up Fiona Rayher – one of the filmmakers behind the wonderful film Fractured Land which is playing at this years Water Docs Film Festival. Unfortunately, due to a technical issue beyond our control we were unable to talk to her. So we talked some more about the news we didn’t get to instead!

The film follows a Dene youth named Caleb Behn who is now a prominent activist, First Nations person and lawyer spearheading the fight against the massive oil and gas industries trying to wrest their land from them for the sake of private profit. Not only is the land being fractured, but the people in several ways leading to the name and theme of the film. It’s playing as part of the festival March 22, 2016 at 7:00 PM.

Fractured Land – Film Website
Water Docs Listings

In the bonus show, Sabina Hyseni leads un in an interesting discussion about how should we go about putting limits on our impact on the environment through the lens of a recent study on pollinator deaths as a result of neonicotinoid chemicals primarily used in farming as a pesticide. We can’t possibly have NO impact (no species does or can) but seeing is our ability to affect other species and natural systems is so big, how do we go about deciding where those limits should be?

Neonicotinoids affect wildflower pollination, study finds


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First Nation, Second Class (494)

We start the show with a recap from Stefan Hostetter of the Globe Conference on Corporate Sustainability where he was during last weeks show. He outlines some of his impressions as an outsider in this corporate dominated platform, and gives us some takeaways including his perception that regardless of our opinions of the outcomes that most CRS and sustainability professionals due truly want to do good.

Globe Conference 2016
Trudeau signals a new green direction for Canada at Vancouver’s Globe conference

During the end of the first section, and the majority of the second we then talk about the other side of the privilege and power spectrum the struggles and racism against Indigenous Peoples the world over that most often pay the heaviest price for the spoils of first world wealth… whether they live in this countries or not. We also briefly mention Trudeau’s visit to the White House, and cover some Vote for the News suggestions (you can Vote for the News too! click here)

Berta Cáceres, Honduran human rights and environment activist, murdered
Amazon Tribe Kidnaps PetroPeru Workers Following A String Of Oil Spills (in a creepy context as provided by an oil industry site)
Canada First Nations Water Issues Need To Be Fixed: UN
Indigenous leaders shocked by exclusion from climate change meeting
Trudeau under fire for failing to invite some indigenous groups to first minister’s meeting
12 things Trudeau and Obama agreed on
Obama and Canada’s Justin Trudeau Promote Ties and Climate Plan

Vote for the News Topics
Now That Leo Won the Oscar, It’s Time You Watch His Vegan Documentary
Canada may already be carbon neutral, so why are we keeping it a secret?
Here is the paper the argument is based on… not 1 mention of Canada (use ctrl-F to search page) so where is this analysis coming from?

In the final section, we interview Matthew Klippenstein about the state of plug-in electric vehicles in Canada. Where are we, where are we going, and should this be something we support as an environmental movement? Matthew Klippenstein is a chemical engineer and plug-in electric vehicle enthusiast. In his role with a leading renewable energy consultancy, he evaluates the wind energy potential of prospective wind farms. A veteran of the fuel cell industry, he co-authored Ballard Power Systems’ white paper on the future of electricity (“electron-democracy”) for a McKinsey & Company essay series, to which Steven Chu and Andy Grove also contributed. The unofficial Canadian correspondent for since 2013, Matthew also co-hosts the CleantechTalk podcast. A produced playwright, he’s also contributed to two Canadian comic book anthologies.

Some great articles about EV in Canada by Matthew:

Ontario’s recently bolstered EV credits
When Electric Car Incentives Expire: A Case Study In Canada
When Electric-Car Incentives Return: British Columbia Case Study
Electric cars in Canada: 6 good-news events for buyers, drivers
Want an effective climate policy? Heed the evidence

Bonus Show!

In the bonus show, Sabina Hyseni hosts a conversation with the hosts about two very important topics: How do you feel about people on social assistance buying premium priced products because they are ethical (ie. Fair Trade) and/or more healthy (Organic Food). At the end we also talk a bit about how empathy plays a role in activism, and the mental health impacts of being very aware of social issues like environmentalism.

Climate change is wreaking havoc on our mental health, experts say
UBC study: Welfare recipients seen as immoral for buying ethical products




(477) The Sound Of Your City

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This episode features Eric Beynon: President of Sustainable Growth Co. and one of the principal architects of the recently launch $20M Carbon XPRIZE competition. The Carbon XPRIZE is an attempt to engage innovators, designers and engineers of all types from all over the world to close the loop on carbon by creating technology and then hopefully a market for carbon (removed from the atmosphere or distilled out of fuel sources) to be used in physical objects and products. Examples might include things like concrete to both create a market for carbon as an input as well as incentivize carbon removal technologies by providing a profitable use for the results of the process. A game changer? Who knows just yet, but the possibilities are worth considering and something it would be foolish to ignore in a world drowning in carbon it doesn’t want (in the air anyways).

Anyone can sign-up and you don’t have to be an engineer! Learn more about the Carbon XPRIZE here. 

This episode is also our CIUT fall fundraising show! The Green Majority is only possible with the opportunities provided by the station, which in turn survives (and thrives!) entirely on listener donation. Please show your support for the Green Majority, and the power of independent community radio by donating today (tax receipts for all donations over $25, and CIUT memberships are available for $89.50)

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This weeks news!

Less news items than awesome resources for leading up to COP21 in Paris, check’em out! We will be talking more about this in the weeks ahead.

*An hour on this bicycle will give your house enough power for 24 hours

*Global COP21 Event Listings! Search your address and find one near you.

5 things you need to know about the Paris climate talks, COP21

Corporate agenda threatens to straightjacket Paris COP 21 proceedings yet again

Fossil Fuel Industry’s Bad Behaviour in Spotlight During Run-up to Paris Climate Negotiations

Canadian fossil-fuel industry gets $2.74B handout: report

Entire Liberal cabinet responsible for climate-change agenda: Dion

Environment Minister vows more stringent reviews for pipelines

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(476) Down Goes Keystone XL!

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*Breaking News* During the show we found out that Obama just killed KXL! We realize this and talk about it later in the show as the info comes in live 🙂 – Daryn

First up, Kevin Caners host of The Elephant podcast based out of the UK joins us by phone to talk about his show and the evolving roles of alternative VS mainstream media.

Learn more about Kevin and the Elephant podcast here.

Next up, Jay Wall joins us to discuss the new Canadian Cabinet, particularly both the inclusion of a new Climate minister and the exclusion of former Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair.

You can find Jay over at Studio JayWall here.

Finally, Stefan Hostetter and Emmay Mah help us discuss the new release of the full text of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the massive fires raging still in Indonesia, that could be the not only the greatest indication of climate change effects being here already but potentially the worst ecological disaster of the century.

This weeks top news!

#ExxonKnew Escalates as NY Attorney General Subpoenas Oil Giant Over Climate Crimes

Oil and Gas Industry Publicly Supports Climate Action While Secretly Subverting Process

Text of TPP mega trade deal finally released

Burnaby mayor irritated by Kinder Morgan pipeline exposure

NASA Allegedly Conducts More Successful Tests On “Impossible” EM Drive

Better than Ezra – Alberta Oil Magazine (? Yep haha)

Nestlé Waters Canada plan to tap aquifer worries Elora, Ont., residents

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(474) This Takes Guts

It Takes Guts is a new documentary from CBC Doc channel following the unfolding story of gut microbes, particularly their role in obesity. Our diet does play a huge role in our health, but the way in which diet affects health isn’t quite what we thought. Our first guests, Leora Eisen director for the It Takes Guts doc joins us live in studio to talk about the film.

Check out the It Takes Guts website (and watch the trailer) here.

For the rest of the show, Stefan, Kevin and Leora discuss the hollow feeling victory of the red wave. It’s not as bad as it could have been under the conservatives, but did we win? We will see… Kevin is just back from running in the most recent election, welcome back buddy! We will have a special episode soon with his behind the scenes election stories. What’s it like to be a candidate? We will find out 🙂

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Robin Hood in Reverse: How Hotter Planet Takes from Poor, Gives to Rich

Life and Death on the Line as Rich Nations Evade Climate Obligations

‘Never Seen Anything Like This Before’ as 2015 Set to Be Hottest Year on Record

Because the ‘Time for Climate Action Is Now,’ Oslo Makes Landmark Move to Ban Cars

U.S. Government vs. Big Oil in the Fight Over a Chicken

Bernie Sanders Demands DOJ Go After Exxon for ‘Covering Up’ Climate Change

Former foes Greenpeace and energy giant Enel stand together in low-carbon push

Prison for Exxon Execs? Lawmakers Seek Probe of Oil Giant for Hiding Knowledge of Climate Change

Texas Oil Tycoon T. Boone Pickens’ $700-Million NAFTA Lawsuit Against Ontario Nears End

Lawsuits Mount Against Monsanto’s ‘Cancer-Causing’ Weedkiller

Obama Cancels Arctic Drilling Leases

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(463) Politics of Waste – #MACdebate Edition

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Tom Manimanakis is the Managing Director of Ethos Assets, joining us this week to talk about the mind-boggling amount of lost opportunities that tend to get overlooked by large companies to recycle, donate and otherwise ethically deal with literally tons and tons of both waste that could be recycled or repurposed and perfectly good materials and market goods that get thrown out anyways… usually only because it’s slightly cheaper to throw away than manage responsibly.

Tom’s company, Ethos Assets helps companies manage these materials so they can create social impact and divert more of these materials to recycling services and away from the dump.

You can learn more about Ethos Assets here. Also, Tom provided a number of links for background info for the interview and you can have a look at some of these below for more information about the gravity and opportunities presented by these issues.

Consumers return $642.6 billion in goods each year

Retail Sales Worldwide Will Top $22 Trillion This Year

Step e-waste world map

E-waste management and the value of continued options

Reusing what is not renewable

Ontario’s costly recycling program for electronics falls short: Editorial

E-waste recycling run by monopolistic group of industry executives, Cambridge company says

E-Waste and the Supply Chain: Helping the Environment Boosts Business Profits, Too

E-Waste and Innovation: Unlocking Hidden Value

Waste disposal by source, province and territory [StatsCAN]

In the second half, we welcome Katie Krelove from Toronto 350 to help us dissect last nights #macdebate, potentially the only leaders debate will all four federal leaders. If you missed it, you can watch the entire debate here.

In the final segment, we briefly touched on Obama’s new climate plan (will come back to this next week) and played an absolutely inspiring clip of US Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. On the show we only played his statements, but in the full clip you can hear the pathetic response by Senator Jim Inhofe. Senator Inhofe is the same clown that brought a snowball into the Senate to “prove climate change isn’t happening”…. he is also the head of the Chairman of the Senate Environment Committee. *sigh*

The exchange is even more meaningful when you compare his response to Sanders to his position stated when he speaks on his own, as opposed to speaking in response to a well informed challenger who is citing facts and research. If you haven’t yet, read this short article, and then watch the video for the full effect.

Jim Inhofe Brings A Snowball To The Senate Floor To Prove Climate Change Is A ‘Hoax’

You can watch the full Sanders/Inhofe exchange on Climate Change here.

Finally, the link to the White House promotional page for the new ‘Clean Power Plan’ which we will discuss more in upcoming shows here.

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