Robinhood and the United Nations (512)

The #ExxonKnew story continues to develop as executives do everything they can to prevent accountability for huge corporations by spending hundreds of millions of dollars to put the entire world in mortal danger with lies to protect their business model. It is now a matter of public record that Exxon has known and admitted to knowing that climate change was a real threat for 30 years… and spent the next 30 years lying to the public through funding fake science and supporting opportunistic political hacks. The result? Well they learned their lesson, this sort of thing works. They are now spending more money to intimidate, delay and attempt to discredit those attempting to seek accountability.

The CBC gets into our crosshairs again this week with a discussion on the language used to describe anti-science hacks who keep being called ‘contrarians’ by the CBC much less science denialists and how that affects public discourse in Canada, and some final thoughts from hideous theatre macabre of the Republican National Convention.

Green Majority regular contributor and finance expert Tim Nash the sustainable economist joins us this week for a segment on the concept of a global “Robinhood Tax” and how this idea could address the vast wealth inequality all over the world, climate change and basically all the other big-ticket global problems all in one go. But you know, start small right? 🙂 This is not a new idea, nor is it crazy… in fact it’s already been proposed on a smaller scale in some countries and policies similar to this are already in place.

Meet Tim Nash

In the final main-show section we discuss briefly the technology/carbon connection with Googles data-centres… both how big an impact they have and how they are trying to reign this in with artificial intelligence (AI) software. As well, the ‘scary climate story of the week’ involves a shockingly rapid loss of sea ice and how we’re totally not nearly freaked out enough about sea level rise.

Bonus Show!

Deirdre and Daryn talk about ferrets and gene editing (part 2 of a discussion from last week) and Pokemon Go (yes really) and it’s very real relevance to modern environmental impacts. If you think this is silly or not relevant, sorry! Your wrong 🙂 Listen in on the podcast to find out why!

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The Limits of Democracy (501)

The old saying goes that capitalism is the worst system out there… except for all others. Daryn this week makes a similar argument about Democracy itself, that while it aims for the best possible system to serve all citizens it has some really critical problems that lead to some of the systemic issues it attempts to solve. This is not to say that we should have something other than democracy… no-one on this show promote communism or tyranny. However the time has come to realize that our current model of democracy is designed to create it’s own tyranny. The first part of a three part series, the limits of democracy episode takes a cold look at what are the limits of this system we’ve created, so that we can improve it in the future. Systemic problems require systemic change… all else is foolishness.

Daryn’s outline for Part 1: The Limits of Democracy

Democracy: A system by which people try to come to agreement on a course of action at the societal level for the common benefit of all (or the best approximation), but requires balances to protect the rights of a minority vs the majority. This requires an arbiter (government, constitution, courts etc). Modern western democracies exist in a state evolution and balance between majority rule, ‘unchangeable’ standards of the state and an evolving understanding of what’s in the best interests of society at large.

Part 1 – Limits of Democracy

The Problem Of An Informed Public: (without interference) (aka media, education, examples of counter-intuitive principals in science)
The Problem Of Active Deception: (Propaganda, Marketing, Popular Myths)
The Problem Of Application: (both voting systems, and what we vote about (‘leaders’ VS ideas)
The Problem of Scale (relative power dynamics): (National Governments, International Bodies (like the UN) and multinational corporations)

In the news this week we discuss:

BC Hydro going to court to evict Site C dam protesters from outside head office
Climate Change to Widen Range of Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes
Ontario MicroFIT Program Suspended, Due To Application Irregularities
Great Barrier Reef tourism operators refuse media and politicians access to bleached reefs
IMF forecasts Middle East oil exporters will miss out on $500B in 2016
Rockefeller family charity to withdraw all investments in fossil fuel companies

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(418) Peoples Climate March Will Change Everything

Listen to the radio show with the player above, or right-click (save link as) to download: Peoples Climate March Will Change Everything

Climate_March_Banner-01-slideThis week we prepare for the historic Peoples Climate March in New York City, with 280 Torontonians leaving from downtown tonight to join a massive march on Sunday Sept 21st with an estimated 200,000+ people!. The event will be massive and you can learn more about the Toronto team here: and the event overall here:

We are also producing a documentary about the entire experience! Stay tuned for previews and info about that by subscribing to our YouTube page here:

Timothy Nash
Tim Nash

Our main guest this week is the fabulous Tim Nash: The Sustainable Economist. Tim joins us as both a part of the trip to NYC but also to talk about the most recent report released by Ethical Markets Media regarding global trends in sustainable energy, energy efficiency and sustainability. You can view the press release along with links to the full report here:

You can also learn more about Tim Nash here:

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Opt-Out: Sharing As A Political Act (a kick-ass town hall)

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Green Majority will be hosting a town-hall style event on what happens when we scale up the sharing economy here in Toronto on Thursday September 25th @ 6pm – 11pm @ the Centre for Social Innovation. It features an amazing panel of speakers, but more importantly the speakers will only be presenting for a few min each before opening the floor to a full-hour of Q&A followed by drinks + food + networking.

Our panelists include:

Camille Labchuk – Green Party Candidate for Trinity-Spadina in Toronto (more here…)

Tim Nash – The Sustainable Economist (more here…)

Lucy Gao – Toronto Curator for Collaborative Consumption (more here…)

Lawrence Alvarez – Co-Founder of Toronto Tool Library and President @ Institute for a Resource Based Economy (more here…)

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